If everyone in Australia gave $1 per year. There would be more than $20 Million to give to charitable causes every single year.
What we do

Find a cause to support

What ever the cause. We’re always on the lookout for something to support. There are no limits.

Spreading the word

We’ll do our best to get the word out and raise awareness to the campaign. Friends, family and beyond.

Raise the funds

We’ll start an online fundraising campaign and all donations will go directly to the nominated charity.

We don't have to change the world

But with everyone’s help, we can definitely change someone’s perspective of it.  One campaign at a time. Together.
The team


A typical guy with typical first world problems, a love for clichés and political correctness.


Animal loving Jess believes that equality is a right given to all beings, big or small, human or not. It just doesn’t apply to our eventual overlords, cats.


Liz is our resident runner, the only member of the team who is actually fit enough to run more than 500m without passing out.


You came this far, which means you care.
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Frequently asked questions
What's the story?
We were just hanging out after work one Friday night when we started talking about the world’s many problems and how we were spending all this money on beer and if each of us were to sacrifice the cost of a beer each week we would have a decent amount of money to give to charity.  Nelson went home that night and started working on and if you’re reading this, it means he actually did it.
Why do you need our help?
We’re not millionaires. We’re not even ten-thousanaires.  We’re all very busy with our working and personal lives, we don’t own bikes and definitely not fit enough to be running across the country to raise funds.  What we do have is family, friends and several social media accounts on our mobile phones. We’re sure you have them too and that’s our point.  We want everyone to come together and contribute what they can. Spread the word, donate or just follow us.
What do you have to gain from this?
We’d be lying if we said ‘absolutely nothing’, because we do hope to be bumped up the waiting list to heaven by a few notches.
Do you get paid for this?
No, and we don’t expect to be paid. We do not see a single cent from donations as they go directly to the nominated charity.